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However, with the modified acid-fast stain, CLB may stain deep mottled red or pink; some resist staining and appear as glassy, membranous cysts.
Diagnosis of avian mycobacteriosis: comparison of culture, acid-fast stains and polymerase chain reaction for the identification of Mycobacterium avium in experimentally inoculated Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica).
Periodic acid-Schiff and acid-fast stains were negative for bacteria, and tissue culture was negative for fungus.
Gomori methenamine silver stains, acid-fast stains, Chlamydophila immunohistochemical stains, and Macchiavellos stain for elementary bodies were all negative on the liver and spleen samples.
Results of associated fecal acid-fast stains, genus-specific fecal mycobacterial PCR, and genus-specific mycobacterial plasma serologic testing are reported in Table 7.
As with the other mycobacteria, on Ziehl-Neelsen and Kinyoun acid-fast stains the organisms are usually strongly acid-fast positive.
4,6,8) Antemortem diagnosis can be difficult; however, radiology, endoscopy, hematology, serology, culture, and acid-fast stains of biopsy samples, cytologic preparations, and feces are all useful diagnostic tools.
Oocysts can be identified in stool by examination of wet mounts under phase microscopy, use of modified acid-fast stains (oocysts are variably acid-fast), or demonstration of autofluorescence with ultraviolet epifluorescence microscopy.
Acid-fast stains of the skin punch biopsy specimen, as well as aspirated material from the lesions, demonstrated acid-last bacilli.
No organism were seen on Gram or acid-fast stains of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF); CSF antigen-detection tests were negative for Haemophilus influenzae type b, group B Streptococcus, S.
Han bases his argument on the absence of positive acid-fast stains or mycobacterial cultures and his assessments that the identification of M.
Acid-fast stains demonstrated low numbers of slender, beaded, acid-fast positive bacilli consistent with mycobacteria.