acid tartrate

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ac·id tar·trate

a salt of tartaric acid that contains an acid group still capable of combining with a base; for example, bitartrate.
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juice and new wine often exist in a weird state that allows more tartrate ions (|T.sup.-~) and potassium ions (|K.sup.+~) to exist together in solution than can be allowed by the insolubility of potassium acid tartrate!
Chilling removes potassium acid tartrate and this also slightly reduces the acid taste; however, for stability in the bottle and for adding complexity of flavor, we at Cribari still feel that MLF has a place in some wines, particularly those from northern California, the north West and north East.
Tenders are invited for Acid Tartrate Of Potassium (Potassium Bl Tartrate)The Pota-Ssium Acid Tartrate Shell Have The Following Composition : Khcho At Strength 99.9 +/- 0.3, Extraneous Substance - None, Solubility In Water - 0.03% Max, Moisture (2h At 100 Degreec) 0.1% Max, Chlorides Sulphates: Slight Traces.
Contract award notice: Tender for the Supply Solution for Injection Noradrenaline Acid Tartrate 2 mg / ml, with a negotiated procedure without a contract notice DDCHPD.PSP 122/2015.