acid sulfate

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A salt containing HSO4-.
Synonym(s): acid sulfate

acid sulphate

Hydrogen sulphate; a salt of sulphuric acid containing HSO4.

ac·id sul·fate

(as'id sŭl'fāt)
Synonym(s): bisulfate, acid sulphate.
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Both field tests arc quick; however, in organic-rich sediments the test results can be inconclusive and may not indicate acid sulfate conditions (Vegas-Vilarrubia et al.
More recently, Lakes Wombah, Thorlindah, Wyara, and Numalla, as well as many smaller wetlands, have been further investigated for inland acid sulfate soil potential (Murray-Darling Basin Authority, unpubl, data).
Localized oyster production declines in some estuaries have also been attributed to estuarine acidification, caused by acid sulfate soils (ASS) (Dove & Sammut in press).
I am similarly indebted to the work of Marianne de Laet and Annemarie Mol, whose paper on the Zimbabwe Bush Pump provides an accessible exemplar which guides the ontological description of acid sulfate soils that I provide below.
Boman A, Astrom M, Frojdo S (2008) Sulfur dynamics in boreal acid sulfate soils rich in metastable ironsulfide--the role of artificial drainage.
In tests, Burbank and Norkotah potato slices were dipped into 3% sodium acid sulfate, citric acid, sodium erythorbate, malic acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate, or a combination of sodium acid, sulfate citric acid and sodium erythorbate.
Micromorphological features identified in all soil layers, together with chemical, mineralogical, and physical properties, help explain contemporary and relict processes in the development of these complex coastal acid sulfate soils.
Acid sulfate soils (ASS) have been identified as the primary cause of episodic acidification of estuaries in eastern Australia, particularly in developed estuaries where oyster farming occurs (Sammut et al.
The properties associated with these results represent characteristics of acid sulfate soils.