acid sulfate

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A salt containing HSO4-.
Synonym(s): acid sulfate

acid sulphate

Hydrogen sulphate; a salt of sulphuric acid containing HSO4.

ac·id sul·fate

(as'id sŭl'fāt)
Synonym(s): bisulfate, acid sulphate.
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A natural gradient in pH, alkalinity, and salinity produced in an acid sulfate acidified estuary in NSW, Australia (Amaral et al.
The acid sulfate soil showed similar C[O.sub.2] fluxes among the different closure treatments--the emissions were 0.43-0.62 mg C[O.sub.2] [kg.sup.-1] soil [h.sup.-1] (Fig.
With little room for area expansion, improving the fertility of marginal soils (such as acid sulfate soils) is one of the ways to increase rice production worldwide.
UDCA-7S was used as an internal standard for quantification because isotopically labeled 3[beta]-hydroxy-[[DELTA].sup.5]-bile acid sulfates are not available and because this structural analog does not exist endogenously in human urine.
The indicators included soil morphological attributes such as colour, mottles, pedogenic segregations, and horizonation; physical attributes such as texture; and chemical attributes such as organic carbon, acid sulfate chemistry, and salinity.
He attempts to engage the phenomenon of acid sulfate soils within various contexts, in order to describe and manage its impacts.
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Sodium acid sulfate (SAS), which was certified as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food additive by FDA in 1998, is effective in suppressing enzymatic browning and aerobic bacteria in fresh-cut apples [21], but the effects on potato chips are rarely investigated [22].
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