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AnaSpec, EGT Group is pleased to showcase a variety of premium quality stains, including cell-impermeant and cell-permeant nucleic acid stains.
The companies recommended a combination of acid stain and polyurethane sealant to provide the look of marble as well as a durable, easily maintained coating surface.
Except for acid stains on the document that come naturally with age, and the previous use of tape to repair and contain a tear here and there, the document is in excellent condition.
Solvent-based acid stains react with the lime in the concrete to produce the colored effect, which is usually mottled and variegated.
Among the company's products are the SYRB brand nucleic acid stains for nucleic acid detection for genomics, the Alexa Fluor brand dyes for bright labeling for imaging and cytometry and SYPRO protein gel stains.
Using proprietary advanced robotic operation, aliquots of each urine sample are dispensed into a cassette, and fluorescent nucleic acid stains are added.