acid reaction

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ac·id re·ac·tion

1. any test by which an acid reaction is recognized, such as the change of blue litmus paper to red;
2. an excess of hydrogen ions over hydroxide ions in aqueous solution indicated by a pH value less than 7 (at 22°C). Compare: dissociation constant of water.
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They are the ones who must go into acid reaction vessels filled with toxic fumes to scour radioactive gypsum scale from filters and walls.
Kinetic behaviour of the malondialdehyde-thiobarbituric acid reaction.
Water can arise from moisture in the rubber and filler as well as from the zinc oxide/stearic acid reaction.
In pool 1, mesna obliterated assessment of the true ascorbic acid reaction.
The ascorbic acid reaction was only borderline positive at 0.
Role of prostaglandin endoperoxides in the serum thiobarbituric acid reaction.
Determination of malonaldehyde in human plasma: elimination of spectral interferences in the 2-thiobarbituric acid reaction.
Since amino acid molecules degrade with time and heat, the extent of the antibody-amino acid reactions enables the researchers to gauge the number of intact amino acids and the age of the shell.