acid mucopolysaccharide

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acid mucopolysaccharide

a major chemical constituent of ground substance in the dermis.


a group of polysaccharides that contain hexosamine, which may or may not be combined with protein; when dispersed in water, mucopolysaccharides form many of the mucins.

acid mucopolysaccharide
the amorphous, PAS-positive intercellular substance of most connective tissue. Formed by fibroblasts and osteoblasts.
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21) Acid mucopolysaccharides have been associated with damage to elastin and an increase in collagen in the tunica intima and the tunica media, (22) as frequently observed in this study, and which can result in vessel wall dysfunction.
This technique allows better preservation of extracellular acid mucopolysaccharides as well as their labeling.
Fluidlike eosinophilic to occasionally basophilic secretions were less common, seen in 15% of cases as the predominant form of secretions, and in contrast to dense platelike secretions are histochemically acid mucopolysaccharide in nature (positive for Alcian blue [pH 2.
Eggston and Wolff (1947) viewed it as passive oedema of mucosa whereas Anderson and Bing (1944) found these growth as proteinaceous exudates while Weisskopf and Burn (1959) considered it as acid mucopolysaccharides.