acid etching

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the cutting of a hard surface such as metal or glass by a corrosive chemical, usually an acid, in order to create a design.
acid etching etching of dental enamel with an acid in order to roughen the surface, increase retention of resin sealant, and promote mechanical retention.
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acid etching

The application of a weak acid—e.g., 30% phosphoric acid—to the surface of enamel to roughen the surface of a tooth before bonding a resin or veneer; acid etching increases mechanical retention, cleans the enamel and improves the wetting of resins. See Cosmetic dentistry.
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ac·id etch·ing

(asid eching)
Treatment of tooth surfaces with phosphoric acid solution to roughen tooth structure microscopically to create retention, usually for resin-type restorations.
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of applying 2% chlorhexidine for 30 seconds after phosphoric acid etching of dentin on immediate and long-term bond strengths in deciduous teeth.
New non-rinse conditioning systems are now becoming available which enable composite resin to enamel bonding without previous phosphoric acid etching of the enamel surface.
Morphological field emission-SEM study of the effect of six phosphoric acid etching agents on human dentin.
SMP Group Mean [micro]TBS Coefficient of (SD) variation (%) Control 21.07 (2.25) A 10.70% 0.12% CHX prior to acid etching 21.91 (1.21) A 5.52% 2% CHX prior to acid etching 21.87 (1.62) A 7.40% 0.12% CHX after acid etching 21.27 (1.35) A 6.34% 2% CHX after acid etching 21.29 (1.82) A 8.56% SB Group Mean Coefficient of [micro]TBS (SD) variation (%) Control 20.24 (1.24) A 6.12% 0.12% CHX prior to acid etching 21.40 (1.50) A 7.03% 2% CHX prior to acid etching 20.67 (1.70) A 8.21% 0.12% CHX after acid etching 20.85 (1.71) A 8.21% 2% CHX after acid etching 20.63 (1.49) A 7.24% Different capital letters within each column mean statistically significant difference.
Self-etching adhesives are a new concept in adhesion because of the acid primer that simultaneously provides acid etching and penetration into enamel and dentin.
Complete packaging--all of our components can be customized through such services as acid etching, ceramic decoration, metalizing and hot stamping.
Throughout the past years, many studies have focused on finding alternative methods to conventional acid etching that are less damaging to the tooth structure and simultaneously yield optimum bond strength.
The show features a variety of printmaking techniques, including acid etching, aquatint, screenprint, monotype and collagraph.
Effect of hydrofluoric acid etching duration on the roughness and flexural strength of a lithium disilicate-based glass ceramic.
EDAX--Percentage composition Element Weight % Weight % [sigma] Atomic % Caiboa 5.124 0.740 15.093 Oxygen 8.619 2.989 19.065 Aluminum 4.002 0.220 5.249 Titanium 78.075 2.651 57.685 Vanadium 4.181 0.459 2.904 Acid etching