acid etching

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the cutting of a hard surface such as metal or glass by a corrosive chemical, usually an acid, in order to create a design.
acid etching etching of dental enamel with an acid in order to roughen the surface, increase retention of resin sealant, and promote mechanical retention.

acid etching

microscopic roughening of dental enamel with an acid (usually phosphoric acid) to remove the smear layer and open enamel tubules, increase retention of resin sealant, and promote mechanical retention.

acid etching

The application of a weak acid—e.g., 30% phosphoric acid—to the surface of enamel to roughen the surface of a tooth before bonding a resin or veneer; acid etching increases mechanical retention, cleans the enamel and improves the wetting of resins. See Cosmetic dentistry.

ac·id etch·ing

(asid eching)
Treatment of tooth surfaces with phosphoric acid solution to roughen tooth structure microscopically to create retention, usually for resin-type restorations.
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Adhesion to enamel was accepted by many researchers as an attachment that is strong and durable, because the acid etching, such as 30-40% phosphoric acid, will form the microporosity on the enamel and causes the monomers penetrate forming mechanical retention.
Hosoya Y, Goto G Effects of cleaning polishing pretreatments and acid etching times on unground primary enamel.
This phase is important because acid etching can react with other elements in the plaster and leave a thin residue on walls, which must be scrubbed off.
Vitro Packaging uses an acid etching technique that moves the bottles in chucks automatically through the etching process.
Therefore, preliminary phosphoric acid etching was recommended to improve the adhesion to enamel.
Then, each surface treatment was followed by acid etching with 9% hydrofluoric acid (Pulpdent Corporation, USA) prior to silanization.
These data indicated that the investigated self-etching adhesive system is as effective as those utilizing phosphoric acid etching and come, accordingly, in coincidence with those of Pashley and Tay, and Tay et al.
It has been reported that the hybrid layers produced in primary teeth were approximately 25%-30% thicker than those produced in permanent dentin using identical acid etching time.
Veterans Window's repair work removes graffiti, scratches and acid etching without distorting the glass.
The origins of adhesive dentistry date back to 1955 when Buonocore, by using industrial adhesion techniques, pointed out that treating the dentine surface with acid etching could make adhesion properties last longer.
Complete packaging--all our components can be customized through such services as acid etching, ceramic decoration, metalizing, and hot stamping.
Older teeth usually have obstructed dentine tubules due to crystal deposits, therefore becoming less prone to acid etching.