acid etch

ac·id etch

(as'id ech)
Application of phosphoric acid to enamel or dentin surface of a tooth to improve mechanical retention for sealant or resin restoration.
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It was introduced to the market in an effort to reduce chair time by modifying the bonding procedure from three to two steps by elimination of use of bonding resin with flowable composites.9 There is weak evidence that a flowable is likely to result in modest time savings when compared with the conventional acid etch technique used composite adhesive (high viscosity).10,11
The sandblasted acid etch (SLA) surface was demonstrated to be more powerful in enhancing the interfacial shear strength of implants than the acid etching surface.
Meanwhile, many researchers show that tight and durable bonding to enamel and dentin can be achieved by acid etch role, such as 30-40% phosphoric acid.
Work spanned 311,000 square feet of panels with General Shale Thinbrick, plus 35,000 square feet of acid etch finished product.
The fractured tooth reunited using the acid etch bonding technique.
Unlike other methods used to create oxide-free Nitinol wire, the NitiBrite process does not involve acid etch or costly mechanical polishing.
Both the PP920 and PP910 processes require pre-deaning of the aluminium substrate, either with the company's 'PP932' ambient acid etch degreaser or 'PP933' alkaline aluminium etch degreaser.
SX1071, part of the OneChoice product line from PPG, is a low-VOC two-component acid etch primer specifically designed to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to properly prepared steel and aluminum surfaces while offering fast-dry characteristics.
The NitiBrite process, according to the company, does not involve acid etch or mechanical polishing, which can cause surface variability and occasional premature wire fatigue.
If a tech attempts to acid etch the pool before doing a TSP wash, the acid will be unable to penetrate or remove the oils on the shell surface, says Brink Spruill, vice president of sales and marketing at Kelley Technical Coatings, a pool paint manufacturer in Louisville, Ky.
Nonferrous castings that have undergone a machining process prior to penetrant inspection are usually pre-cleaned by an acid etch process that chemically removes 0.001-0.002 in.