acid etch

ac·id etch

(as'id ech)
Application of phosphoric acid to enamel or dentin surface of a tooth to improve mechanical retention for sealant or resin restoration.
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These Services Include X-rays And Diagnosis, Preventive Maintenance, Fillings, Cleaning And Scaling, Routine Extraction, Root Canal Therapy, Prefabricated Post And Cores, Acid Etch Bonding And Routine Periodontal Care.
Obtaining a hybrid layer involves applying an acid etch to dentine to remove the smear layer and smear plugs, opening up the dentinal tubules and increasing dentinal permeability as well as exposing the collagen network of inter-tubular dentine due to mineral removal [Correa et al.
SX1071, part of the OneChoice product line from PPG, is a low-VOC two-component acid etch primer specifically designed to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to properly prepared steel and aluminum surfaces while offering fast-dry characteristics.
1 million in the conversion of all of its existing anodizing product lines to the acid etch process.
The NitiBrite process, according to the company, does not involve acid etch or mechanical polishing, which can cause surface variability and occasional premature wire fatigue.
Nonferrous castings that have undergone a machining process prior to penetrant inspection are usually pre-cleaned by an acid etch process that chemically removes 0.
If the space is a small, manageable gap, the acid etch composite technique can be effective.
Cytec Industries has introduced Cylink 2000 crosslinking agent, a formaldehyde-free resin that is ideal for applications requiring exterior durability and acid etch resistance.
Since the introduction of the acid etch technique by Buonocore (1) the bonding of orthodontic attachments to acid etched enamel has become an accepted clinical procedure.
Available in red, yellow, blue, silver or black, theMonaro's paint work has been specially formulated to give extra acid etch resistance to improve its durability further.
Accelerated acid etch for automotive clearcoats: a joint research project provides lab and field correlation," a joint effort between Q-Panel Lab Products and BASF was presented by Jeffrey Quill of Q-Panel.
Acid etch is a direct result of weathering that includes acid precipitation (rain, dew, or fog), often compounded by pollution fallout.