acid bath

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acid bath,

a bath taken in water containing a mineral acid to help reduce excessive perspiration.
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Shown in Figure 1 are the back-scattered electron images of copper immersion coatings in the hydrofluoric acid bath.
The plate is then placed in the acid bath to etch away the tiny areas not protected by the granulated resin.
Its artist roster includes: Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, Salt The Wound, Damaged, D.
In 1943 the Acid Bath |Murderer, John George Haigh, lured his first victim from the Goat pub in Kensington .
In the electrocoating (or e-coating) process, the MOD35 frame is submerged in an acid bath for a thorough cleaning, and then moved into a booth where paint is electrically bonded into every nook and cranny for a long-lasting, premium finish.
The researchers reported in January that regular cells taken from the body could be turned into stem cells by simply exposing them to stress, as by dipping them in an acid bath.
I felt privileged that I could escape the office to see where the real workers operated - such as Alf Whitlock and co in the stove shop with its acid bath in which old cooker parts were cleaned up for re-use.
Creating stem cells may be as simple as dunking cells into a mild acid bath.
A surprising study has found that a simple acid bath might turn cells in the body into stem cells that could one day be used for tissue repair and other medical treatments.
As it turned out, the mold cleaning brushes had brass bristles and the brushes were left hanging in the hot acid bath.
Our ancestors started off in an acid bath as oxygen-breathing bacteria.