achondroplastic dwarf

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achondroplastic dwarf

the most common type of dwarf, characterized by disproportionately short limbs, a normal-sized trunk, a large head with a depressed nasal bridge and small face, stubby hands, and lordosis. The condition results from an inherited defect in bone-forming tissue and is often associated with other defects or abnormalities, although there is usually no involvement of the central nervous system and intelligence is normal. See also achondroplasia.


A person of abnormally short stature and esp. of abnormal proportions. See: achondroplasia; cretinism See: micromelusdwarfism (dwarf'izm)

achondroplastic dwarf

See: achondroplasia

asexual dwarf

A dwarf who has deficient sexual development or has not developed to sexual maturity.

hypophyseal dwarf

A dwarf whose condition resulted from hypofunction of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis. Synonym: pituitary dwarf

hypopituitary dwarf

A dwarf whose short stature results from insufficient production of growth hormone.

infantile dwarf

A dwarf with marked physical, mental, and sexual underdevelopment.

Laron dwarf

A dwarf whose short stature results from an insensitivity or resistance to growth hormone.

ovarian dwarf

A woman who is undersized due to absence or underdevelopment of the ovaries.

phocomelic dwarf

A dwarf with abnormally short diaphyses of either pair of extremities or of all four.

physiological dwarf

A person normally developed except for unusually short stature.

pituitary dwarf

Hypophyseal dwarf.

primordial dwarf

A dwarf who has a selective deficiency of growth hormone but otherwise normal endocrine function.

rachitic dwarf

A dwarf whose condition is due to rickets.

renal dwarf

A dwarf whose condition is due to renal osteodystrophy.

thanatophoric dwarf

See: thanatophoric dysplasia

achondroplastic dwarf

A person with very short arms and legs as a result of ACHONDROPLASIA. Many circus dwarfs are achondroplastic.
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Achondroplasia Achondroplastic dwarfs have short stature with an average adult height of 131cm (4ft 3in) for males and 123cm (4ft, 'in) for females