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A dull continuous pain.
[O.E. acan, to ache]
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"I got this for my wife who suffers from aching kidneys when cold," wrote one reviewer.
Gerard Aching. Freedom from Liberation: Slavery, Sentiment, and Literature in
The Chief Minister delivered an address to a meeting of officials of Health Ministry in the provincial capital after which he complained of aching chest.
Mckenzie-Ella Nelson, a pupil at Hawthorn Primary School in Pontypridd, will take on the challenge to raise money for Aching Arms - a charity that helps families cope with the loss of unborn babies.
I'VE been cycling a lot lately and my knee's been aching as a result.
Drawing upon their expertise as physical therapists with over twenty years of combined experience, "Jill Hoefs and Denise Jagroo have expertly collaborative to produce "Your Best Pregnancy : The Ultimate Guide to Easing the Aches, Pains, and Uncomfortable Side Effects During Each Stage of Your Pregnancy", a thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction guide to helping women ease sore feet, aching backs, incessant peeing, and many other uncomfortable conditions, Your Best Pregnancy provides simple solutions and easy exercises to help women feel their best from head to toe.
CARNATION Footcare's PediRoller is an exercise aid for feet, which may help soothe and relieve aching and sore feet, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.
Carnation Footcare PediRoller, PS9.99, available from Carnation Footcare PediRoller, PS9.99, available from | Carnation Footcare PediRoller will soothe aching feet | Carnation Footcare PediRoller will soothe aching feet
BBC BREAKFAST host Susanna Reid said she is "aching in places I've never ached before" after beginning her training for Strictly Come Dancing.