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A dull continuous pain.
[O.E. acan, to ache]
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Two days afterwards they carried Matthew Cuthbert over his homestead threshold and away from the fields he had tilled and the orchards he had loved and the trees he had planted; and then Avonlea settled back to its usual placidity and even at Green Gables affairs slipped into their old groove and work was done and duties fulfilled with regularity as before, although always with the aching sense of "loss in all familiar things.
My head and my back are aching, and even my thoughts seem to be in pain, so strangely do they occur.
Yes, yes; I know you're just aching to point out that I've forced myself upon you ever since I landed, only you are too polite to say so.
If you struggle to stay active or suffer from poorer circulation, at returning the blood, causing tired, aching, heavy feeling legs, plus swollen feet and ankles.
The Chief Minister delivered an address to a meeting of officials of Health Ministry in the provincial capital after which he complained of aching chest.
CARNATION Footcare's PediRoller is an exercise aid for feet, which may help soothe and relieve aching and sore feet, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.
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