acetyl phosphate

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a·ce·tyl phos·phate

a "high-energy" phosphate that acts as an acetyl donor in the metabolism of various bacteria.
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The conversion of acetyl-CoA is firstly occurred into acetyl phosphate which is converted into acetate.
All the natural phospho-donors (acetyl phosphate, carbamoyl phosphate, phosphoramidate, and monophosphoimidazole) bind to active site with binding energy ranging from -3.32 to -3.93 kcal/mol and inhibition constant from 1.31 mM to 3.67 mM (Table 1).
Pruess's lab showed biofilm formation by an Escherichia coli K-12 strain was high on carbon sources that are metabolized to acetylcoenzyme A, acetyl phosphate or acetate.