acetyl group

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a·ce·tyl group

(asĕ-til grūp)
An acetic acid molecule from which the hydroxyl group has been removed.
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Establishment of glutamine synthetase of Mycobacterium smegmatis as a protein acetyltransferase utilizing polyphenolic acetates as the acetyl group donors.
Rather than seeing the S[O.sub.2] as a problem to the manufacturer of acetylated starches, we thought it might be an advantage in preparation of acetylated starches with different degrees of acetyl groups. The usual method of preparing different degrees of acetylated starch has been to increase the amount of acetic anhydride used on the starch in a particular pH range and temperature (Wurzburg, 1964).
HATs and HDACs continuously add and remove acetyl groups to specific lysine residues in the termini of the core histones and generate a dynamic steady-state level of acetylation (33,34).
Request that each Coenzyme A now link up with one of the acetyl groups to form "Acetyl Coenzyme A." The acetyl groups can thus be "transported" through the membrane (between the chairs or tables) and into the mitochondrion.
= (sum of integrals for acetyl groups at 2.1 ppm)/3/ (sum of integrals for carbohydrate signals at 3.0-5.5 ppm)/6.
"We believe that for the first time, we have a biochemical route to youth and aging that has nothing to do with diet." The chemical variation, known as acetylation because it adds an acetyl group to an existing molecule, is a kind of "decoration" that goes on and off a protein -- in this case, the protein Sip2 -- much like an ornament can be put on and taken off a Christmas tree, Boeke says.
The formulation also contains an anti-soil redeposition component that prevents resoiling of hydrophilic fibers and hydrophobic fibers when coexisting with said inorganic salt, which is a water-soluble polymer substance of a nonionic system including at least one species selected from the group consisting of an acetyl group, methoxy group, hydroxypropyl group, and poly-oxy propylene group as the hydrophobic group, and including a hydroxyl group as the hydrophilic group.
Our previous studies demonstrated that diabetic hyperglycemia causes increased activity of several enzymes involved in glucose-derived acetyl group metabolism in platelets, such as hexokinase, PDH, and ACL (11).
Lipmann had demonstrated the existence of coenzyme A (see 1947) as the carrier of the acetyl group, which represented a crucial crossroad in metabolism.
However, the regenerated cellulose precursors (replace acetyl group with hydroxyl group) from CA hollow fibers can be well used to fabricate the carbon membranes.
While with N-succinimidyl acetate, singly acetylated product with acetyl group at the e-amino of K29B, as well as doubly modified species containing acetyl group in the E-amino group and the amino-terminal of G1Awere produced in equal amounts.