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 [as´ĕ-til, as´ĕtēl″]
the monovalent radical CH3CO-, a combining form of acetic acid.
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ac·e·tyl (Ac),

(as'e-til), Avoid the mispronunciation ace'tyl.
CH3CO-; an acetic acid molecule from which the hydroxyl group has been removed.
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A functional group and monovalent radical of acetic acid which contains a methyl group single-bonded to the central carbonyl, double-bonded oxygen and a nonbonded electron with which it forms a bond with the rest (R) of the molecule.
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(Ac) (as'ĕ-til)
An acetic acid molecule from which the hydroxyl group has been removed.
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The introduction of acetyl groups into CS molecular skeleton effectively weakened the strong intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonding interaction within esterified chitosan.
Acetyl fentanyl overdose fatalities--Rhode Island, March--May 2013.
To improve skin protection, Bodyfensine (INCI name: Acetyl dipeptide-3 aminohexanoate) and Thermostressine (INCI name: Acetyl tetrapeptide-22) help to keep the natural balance and strengthen the existing pathways, so that the skin does not easily turn into sensitive skin.
Known by a range of street names such as China White, Apache, Goodfella, Jackpot, TNT, Murder 8, and Tango & Cash, acetyl fentanyl is a fentanyl analog.
As of June 20 when CDC distributed the alert, there had been 14 overdose deaths related to acetyl fentanyl among intravenous drug users in Rhode Island.
Anti acetyl lysine Polyclonal antibody was purchased from Cell Signaling.
Stock solutions of 1mM tranexamic acid, 1mM acetyl tranexamic acid, and 1mM phthaloyl tranexamic acid were also prepared.
Thiophenoladducts of various acidhydrazones have been synthesized by the reaction of 2-[N-(acetyl) 2, 3-dichloroanilido] acetohydrazide with various Carbonyl Compounds in 46 to 72% yield.
In the new study, Fischer and his colleagues found that older mice had fewer acetyl groups at the time that the rodents should have been storing the memory of the shock.
The operation of the acetyl complex is considered a positive step towards diversification of the company's product portfolio and enhancement of its profitability.
The start-up of the Acetic Plant is considered the second step towards the full operation of the integrated Acetyls Complex.
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