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 [as´ĕ-til, as´ĕtēl″]
the monovalent radical CH3CO-, a combining form of acetic acid.

ac·e·tyl (Ac),

(as'e-til), Avoid the mispronunciation ace'tyl.
CH3CO-; an acetic acid molecule from which the hydroxyl group has been removed.


/ac·e·tyl/ (as´ĕ-til) (as´ĕ-tēl″) (ah-se´til) the monovalent radical CH3COsbond, a combining form of acetic acid.

acetyl (CH3CO, Ac)

a monovalent radical associated with derivatives of acetic acid.


A functional group and monovalent radical of acetic acid which contains a methyl group single-bonded to the central carbonyl, double-bonded oxygen and a nonbonded electron with which it forms a bond with the rest (R) of the molecule.


(Ac) (as'ĕ-til)
An acetic acid molecule from which the hydroxyl group has been removed.


the monovalent radical, CH3CO, a combining form of acetic acid.
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20) Among peptides, acetyl octapeptide-3 stands out for resolving the issue of wrinkles and crepiness on the top of the hands.
A large quantity of acetyl fentanyl would potentially be immune to regulation as long as it was titled, labeled and stored as a product with industrial or non-human research purposes.
Press Releases: HEALTH Identifies New Synthetic Drug As Acetyl Fentanyl.
These data are also consistent with our previous findings demonstrating increases in hexokinase, PDH, and ATP-citrate lyase activities in platelets from patients with diabetes (11), allowing the conclusion that chronic hyperglycemia in megakaryocytes causes adaptive up-regulation of multiple key enzymes involved in the incorporation of acetyl units derived from glucose into fatty acids and, subsequently, to their biologically active signaling derivatives (25, 27).
Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 can't replicate the results of a syringe full of Botox, but it can help to prolong the results by continuing to interfere with nerve signals that are awakening from their induced paralysis.
Prior to his leadership with the Acetyl Intermediates segment, Fotheringham was director of Corporate Development and has held roles of increasing responsibility with Celanese in Frankfurt, Dallas and Shanghai since 1991.
When researchers topically applied acetyl hexa-peptide-51 to the skin of 21 human volunteers after exposure to ultraviolet light, they observed 13.
Sipchem has completed procedures for the sale of an 11%-stake in both Acetyl Co.
We found that acetyl side groups enhanced the inhibitory action of the agents on LPS/IFN-[gamma]-induced iNOS and COX-2 expression.
69) It readily crosses into the brain from the bloodstream, and its extra acetyl molecule provides additional energy directly to brain cells.
When a mixture of acetyl boswellic acids was employed, no inhibition was found up to 60 [micro]g/rnl.