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Decomposition of an organic compound with the addition of the elements of acetic acid at the point of decomposition; analogous to hydrolysis and phosphorolysis.
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15 s) of the pollen/distilled water residue concentrated in tapered test tubes immediately after acetolysis treatment.
If it were due to acetolysis we would expect overlapping to coincide with somewhat narrowed apertures.
Each sample was treated overnight with hydrofluoric acid, washed eight minutes in hot acetolysis solution, and stained with safranin O.
resistant to acetolysis and occurs beneath the aperture is formed.
All samples were prepared according to the acetolysis method of Erdtmann (1960) and mounted in glycerol.
Both structures are nonresistant to acetolysis and therefore in many cases have not been recorded, even though they may be frequent.
Orbicules are resistant to acetolysis and react similarly to the exine with different histochemical stains, thus providing ample evidence for sporopollenin composition of the orbicule wall.