acetate kinase

ac·e·tate ki·nase

a phosphotransferase forming acetyl phosphate and ADP from ATP and acetate. An important enzyme in the formation of "high-energy" phosphate in certain microorganisms.
Synonym(s): acetokinase
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Correspondingly acetate kinase (AK) and butyrate kinase (BK) catalyze acetyl-phosphates and butyryl- phosphates for the production of acetate and butyrate respectively.In fact the metabolic pathway of a microorganismduring anaerobic fermentation is affected by several factors.
Methods--We performed scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to determine structural and quantitative differences in biofilm produced by ackA (encoding acetate kinase), pta (encoding phosphotransacetylase), ackArcsB (encoding acetate kinase and regulator of capsule synthesis B), ackA-ompR (encoding acetate kinase and outer membrane porin regulator) and ackA-dcuR (encoding acetate kinase and regulator of (C4)-dicarboxylic acid megabolism) mutants, in comparison with their isogenic parent strain.
In one assay configuration (10), acetate kinase is used as a label, and the generated ATP is monitored by the bioluminescent reaction of luciferase.
Mutants relating to pyruvate catabolism were in acetate kinase (Ack) and phosphotransacetylase (Pta) which are part of acetate metabolism.