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(ăs′ĭt-ăn′l-īd′) or ac·et·an·i·lid (-ăn′l-ĭd)
A white crystalline compound used to relieve pain and reduce fever.


, acetanilide (as″ĕ-tan′ĭl-ĭd, -īd″) (as″ĕ-tan′ĭl′īd″) [L. acetum, vinegar + anilide]
A white powder or crystalline substance obtained by interaction of glacial acetic acid and aniline.


Acetanilid has analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. Acute or chronic poisoning may develop as a result of prolonged administration or drug idiosyncrasy. Because of its toxicity, it is rarely used.

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Two substrates aniline and acetanilide were used to see the effects of mercuric chloride on hydroxylation.
Brodie and Axelrod suggested that acetanilide be replaced in Bromo Seltzer by acetaminophen.
Using the same mouse strains, ongoing studies in our laboratory have shown that PAP oxidized metabolites at the aniline moiety (66) and oxidized acetanilide metabolites (67) were present in the animals' urine after intraperitoneal administration of [sup.
The dinitrogen gas from the combusted sample was then passed through a VG Isotech Iomass Spectrometer (model Sira Series If, Cheshire, UK) that was calibrated with acetanilide standards and which quantified molecular mass peaks of 28, 29, and 30.
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Of 62 cases reviewed at the Mayo Clinic [11], all were associated with just four drugs, taken alone or in combination with other drugs: Bromo-Seltzer, acetanilide, sulfonamide, and phenacetin.
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