acentric chromosome

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a·cen·tric chro·mo·some

a fragment of a chromosome lacking a centromere and unable to attach to the mitotic spindle; therefore unable to take part in the division of a nucleus and randomly distributed in daughter cells.
Synonym(s): acentric fragment

Acentric Chromosome

A chromosome lacking a centromere, a structure which is essential for cell division and retention of the chromosome in the cell.

acentric chromosome

A chromosome lacking a centromere, which is essential for division and retention of the chromosome in the cell

acentric chromosome

a chromosome formed by the joining of two broken pieces of chromosomes that lack CENTROMERES; the acentric chromosome is lost at the next division. Compare METACENTRIC CHROMOSOME.
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PCR primer-binding sites were shown on acentric chromosome and normal chromosome 21.
These dicentric and acentric chromosomes are unstable during mitosis and would be lost from the daughter cells because of missegregation.