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Accurate Legal Billing Mission: To help law firms across the world improve their cash flow and billing efficiency, by easily capturing their daily activities, preparing and submitting invoices that are 100% compliant with their clients' billing guidelines.
Saw another effort deflected over Accurate passes: 34 Total passes: 38 Pass accuracy: 89.5%
Soland concluded that early-warning data were less biased and provided objective information that confirmed accurate teacher intuitions or provided corrective information when teachers were off base.
A small division of Accurate Tool was dedicated to making lower volume lock and hardware items as a subcontractor for Yale.
Just keep in mind that a short choke should not be expected to shoot as accurately as a long one; the most accurate I have tried measures five inches long.
When the cantilever cooler is combined with the multifunctional MHD III stacker, Toyo is said to have a high speed and accurate system with a production capacity of up to three tons per hour.
Until these systems are capable of capturing and reporting accurate, real-time asset status information, the Department will have to rely on these data calls.
NPL has been responsible for keeping the time signal accurate from Rugby since 1950 and will make the switch to the new venue in April next year.
Solution: In an effort to keep accurate track of non-exempt employee hours, the Grenada School District installed a biometrics system.
Some of this information may be a bit intimidating, if it is a fair and accurate description of the camp experience.
Also, those exerting more effort were more accurate in assessing their performance capabilities, and subsequently scored higher on their practice tests.
Software users boast accurate pricing, timely processing and easy access to information as some of the chief benefits to their business.

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