accumulation analysis

ac·cum·u·la·tion a·nal·y·sis

a technique in which an intermediate of a metabolic pathway accumulates because of selective inhibition of a particular step in that pathway or in a mutant that is deficient in a certain step. The intermediate is then isolated, analyzed, and identified.
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The company also performs catastrophe modeling and exposure accumulation analysis in order to manage its concentration risk.
Lipid Accumulation Analysis. Peripheral blood was collected from controls and lung cancer patients, and the Lineage(-) and HLA-DR(+) DC fractions were sorted using a FACSAria cell sorter (BD Biosciences) and stained with BODIPY 650/665 and DAPI (Polysciences, Warrington, PA, USA), a chromatin dye.
The method is based on a flow accumulation analysis in ArcGIS for hydrological correct height models.
Today's models also offer accumulation analysis, which identifies peak risks based on total values.