A proprietary dual energy x-ray absorptiometry device which measures bone density for osteoporosis and fracture risk.
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Patent and Trademark Office for the accuDEXA bone densitometer, a low-cost diagnostic tool used for assessing bone mineral density (BMD) in the primary care physician's office.
Patent Office has recognized accuDEXA as a novel and innovative device in the field of bone density measurement," said David Schick, President and Chief Executive Officer of Schick Technologies.
An abstract of the report (Bone 1998;23(Suppl):S193) compared Achilles results to bone density of the femur, using the Lunar DPX densitometer, and the finger, using the AccuDEXA device (SCHK@NASDAQ).
Finger density with the AccuDEXA densitometer had poor sensitivity using the osteoporosis criterion of the World Health Organization.
In addition, our accuDEXA bone densitometer continues to be well received and sales are tracking ahead of last quarter.
The accuDEXA System, recently cleared for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration, takes an x-ray of the middle finger, and produces an assessment of bone mineral density within a matter of minutes.
The accuDEXA is an ideal addition to the office-based products offered by our sales force which currently focus on diagnostic tests for urinary incontinence and prostate obstruction," said James D.
The introduction of accuDEXA marks an important milestone for the Company and the medical community," said David Schick, President and Chief Executive Officer.
AccuDEXA utilizes DEXA technology to evaluate the phalange (finger), a proven testing site that has been used to assess bone density for over twenty years.
The Company is awaiting FDA 510(k) pre-market approval for accuDEXA.
Schick has also developed accuDEXA, an inexpensive and easy to operate bone mineral density (BMD) assessment device to assist in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.
We believe this is a step forward in making accuDEXA a part of every primary care physician's practice.