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accretions (əkrē´shənz), an older term for accumulations of foreign material such as plaque, materia alba, calculus, and other debris on teeth. Now called deposits.
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Scientists looked for galaxies emitting high levels of radiation and x-rays - a classic signature of black holes devouring gas and dust through accretion, or attracting matter gravitationally.
A much more flexible and rich approach is to be found in the work of Carlo Scarpa, who for instance in Verona Castelvecchio restored with respect for the old, and was concerned to cherish (and often emphasise) accretions to the original fabric.
Data from two follow-up examinations over six years showed that smokers develop more calculus (rock-hard calcified accretions on tooth surfaces) but less dental plaque, the bacteriations on tooth surfaces) but less dental plaque, the bacterialaden mucous film that tooth brushing can remove.