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There is, though, something decidedly Eurotrashy about Goodchild's outsized palace rooms, with their super-rich colors and anachronistic modern-day accouterments, like telephones and glossy magazines.
8Kbps fax modem, and Acer's full multimedia accouterments including quad-speed CD-ROM drive, 16-bit sound card, speakers, and new software, all standard for a market-setting estimated price of $2,799.
The dog days of summer are a tail-wag away, and pets are as excited as children about summer vacation and all the accouterments of the season.
The gang of 15 with their $160,000-a-year salaries, their staffs and all of the other accouterments of prestigious elected representatives?
Luckily enough, Derrida himself turns out to be a playful sort, carping amusingly under his glowing mane of white hair about how filmmaking accouterments affect his behavior and responses, and saying things like, ``I have nothing to say about love,'' then saying a lot about it.
AND THE BRIDE WORE BLUE SUEDE SHOES: For the bride and groom who want only the most distinctive, cultured and elegant accouterments for their wedding, the perfect setting may just be in Memphis.
You can tell that by the still-undimmed thrill in Rotten's voice when he describes first noticing audience members punking out, expressing themselves ``as beautiful, though not beautiful''; and also in his sadness when he talks about how, six or so months later, the concertgoers' torn shirts and leather accouterments no longer looked like individually chosen styles, but like uniforms.
As incomes have marched upward and the necessity of commuting into an office has lessened, many, particularly those with families, have opted to surround themselves with the accouterments of a low-density suburban lifestyle: yards, quick access to stores and restaurants and goods schools.