accounts receivable management

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ac·counts re·ceiv·a·ble man·age·ment

(ă-kownts rĕ-sēvă-bĕl manăj-mĕnt)
Processes involving insurance verification, insurance reimbursement issues, counseling, preauthorization of services, monitoring billing and claims, and account follow-up.
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Ontario Systems is a provider of enterprise revenue cycle management software to the healthcare, accounts receivable management, and government markets.
The table showed that SMEs has moderate Working Cpaital Manangement most particular with their accounts receivable management. Cash Management Practices evidently hve high applications as well as their management on their inventories.
According to CBE, the upgrade of the software strengthens its investment in speech analytics and positions it to deliver greater value in its accounts receivable management solutions.
We were able to charge less and bridge the gap between getting a couple of statements in the mail and then getting turned over to a collection agency." In 1995, the company expanded to become a full-service collections company to provide its clients a complete range of strategies for effective accounts receivable management.
In addition to making sure exporters get paid, some credit insurers even provide their customers with accounts receivable management services.
Telrex's CallRex suite of IP call recording and call center optimization products has saved accounts receivable management (ARM) firm Evergreen Professional Recoveries tens of thousands of dollars.
Practice Partner Complete is a physicians service that combines an integrated electronic health record (EHR) as well as practice management software with billing and accounts receivable management services.
We're a regionally based company that operates in the southeastern U.S., and are primarily an accounts receivable management firm.
"Accounts receivable management is another area that is critical to monitoring the financial status of your practice," Ms.
With increased risk forecast for two of the four retail industry sectors, businesses throughout the supply chain should look to protect their cash flow by utilizing accounts receivable management products and services, such as trade credit insurance and third-party commercial collections.
This office is the current location of Sterling Resource Funding Corp., a leading provider of credit and accounts receivable management to the staffing industry.
A case study from this author's book, Best Practices in Accounts Receivable Management, clearly illustrates how an effective dispute resolution process can revitalize an organization: A high technology firm was experiencing an especially serious receivables management problem.
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