accounts receivable

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Accounts Receivable

The sum of the monies owed to a person or enterprise which was incurred in the course of business transactions and not supported by negotiable paper.
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ac·counts re·ceiv·a·ble

(AR, A/R) (ă-kownts' rĕ-sē'vă-bĕl)
The aggregate of money owed to the health care practice by all patients and/or insurers.
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If the Industry standard Is higher (e.g., 3: 1 working capital productivity), then the company might be losing cash to their competitors through slow accounts receivable and inventory turn.
The cost of carrying accounts receivable along with the explicit consideration of the allowance for bad debt expense is considered.
The Tax Court disagreed with the IRS because the accounts receivable had real value in that they were legitimate debts that the auto dealership owed to the financing company and thus were legitimate assets of the financing company.
Using Markov chains to estimate collections of accounts receivable used to be difficult unless a user had access to a mainframe computer.
The company intends to use the proceeds to repay borrowings and terminate commitments under its accounts receivables facility, repay and/or refinance other indebtedness and for other general corporate purposes.
Question: My business is good and my accounts receivable are strong but credit is tight.
Several standard financial monitoring tools--balance sheets, income statements, budgets, and accounts receivable reports--can help give physicians an overall picture of how the practice is doing and provide early warning of potential problems.
He will manage Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Financial Reporting and is also in charge of maintenance of contracts, purchase orders and change orders.
Achieving excellence in managing accounts receivable is critical to realizing and optimizing the profit and cash benefits from increased revenue.
"Typically banks will require other assets--usually machines, inventory or accounts receivable," Counselman said.
Further, Hayes reported that its subsidiary firm, Hayes Lemmerz Werke GmbH, Konigswinter, Germany, established a German accounts receivable purchase program with MHB Financial Services GmbH & Co.
Global business, conducted on a credit or cash-on-delivery basis, often produces accounts receivable that are a significant portion of a corporation's tangible assets, yet many of those same corporations pay attention to accounts receivable only in a crisis.

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