accounts payable

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ac·counts pay·a·ble

(AP, A/P) (ă-kownts' pā'ă-bĕl)
The aggregate of money owed by the health care practice or hospital to its suppliers and employees.


the bill provided to the client by the veterinarian setting out the sums owing for services rendered.

itemized accounts
the provision of accounts for professional services in which all of the medicines, materials and services supplied are itemized. The disadvantage of the procedure is the opportunity that it provides to vexatious clients to argue with the charges. It is standard procedure to provide an itemized account if the client asks for one.
accounts payable
the monies owed to other accounts by the practice and to be paid during the month.
accounts receivable
the accounts that owe the practice money and which can be expected to pay during the month.
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The company's pioneering accounts payable error prevention and fraud detection software, FirstStrike[TM], empowers organizations to enhance their internal controls and compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

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