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A bacterium that accompanies the main infecting agent in a mixed infection and that influences the virulence of the main organism.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. comples, closely connected]
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this the subjectively culpable basis for holding accomplices and others
''While he was not directly involved in executing the act (of murder), he is none other than the ringleader who had the accomplices engage in it,'' the ruling said.
He either told the pilot he would blow himself up or that he had accomplices on board who would do so if his orders were not followed.
(20) AS the Third Circuit explained:</p> <pre> The trial court will generally be acting within its discretion if it allows defense counsel broad latitude to probe the credibility of accomplices and immunized witnesses, and instructs the jury to consider whether the witnesses' self-serving motives in testifying have destroyed or diminished their credibility.
Similarly, Ahmad and his accomplices kidnapped one Gulzar from Marhaba Pan Shop, Sargodha Road, while Yaseen and his accomplices abducted Advocate Irshad from Chak No 272-RB for unknown reasons.
Following information that the suspect, identified as Ammar Satti, was present in Kahuta's Alyot area, the Kahuta and Sadiqabad police devised a joint strategy to arrest him along with his accomplices, SP Saddar division Rai Mazhar Iqbal was quoted as saying by a police spokesman.
The police arrested the accused and two accomplices and presented the challan before the court.
The police were in search of his accomplices. In Bonga Awan village, the gang had stolen four goats of Haji Ramazan.
The attacker and his accomplices have not yet been identified by police officials yet.
Saddar deputy superintendent of police said that two accomplices of the prisoner came to meet him on January 10 at around 11 pm.
The police arrested the accused and his three accomplices and presented the challan before the court.
293-RB and detained three suspects -- mastermind Waqar and his accomplices Nawaz and Ghazanfar whereas Basit, another ringleader, and his accomplices Ali Raza, Jan Mohammad and Irfan were arrested from Chak No.