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A bacterium that accompanies the main infecting agent in a mixed infection and that influences the virulence of the main organism.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. comples, closely connected]
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The ACE took action on the complaint of Sardar Sameer Khan, and registered an FIR and searching for the Patwari , Zafar Iqbal and their other accomplices who have gone underground.
Mor their accomplices opened a fire on police party.
in the dacoity when his accomplices started firing on the police party.
While the retaliatory gunfire resulted into death of two unidentified assailants , three of their accomplices managed to escape by taking advantage of the darkness.
The prosecutor claimed that the accused and his accomplices went to the complainant's shop pretending they were customers interested in buying shirts.
Russia's state investigative committee, a body with sweeping powers that is looking into the bomber's background, said in a statement it was looking into the backgrounds of people it suspected of being accomplices.
Accomplices Kevin Mullen, 31, of Deedmore Road, Wood End, Coventry, was jailed for 13 years eight months, while David Sanders, 27, of Roselands Avenue, Henley Green, received 12 years.
Christensen posted an open letter and surveillance photo of a man putting the painting in his backpack while the two accomplices acted as lookouts.
accepted a bribe for processing fake transactions allowing his accomplices to avail offers offered by the company.
The hole was just one-metre square and his accomplices feared he wouldn't be able to squeeze in - luckily he folded.
The police managed to lure the 36- yearold into a trap with the ' help' of one of his accomplices.
Police are tracking down his accomplices who are still at large to bring to justice for involvement in the same terror attacks.