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A bacterium that accompanies the main infecting agent in a mixed infection and that influences the virulence of the main organism.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. comples, closely connected]
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theories of liability--that of a principal versus that of an accomplice.
He either told the pilot he would blow himself up or that he had accomplices on board who would do so if his orders were not followed.
At least three federal circuits have approved a trial judge's decision to give a cautionary accomplice testimony instruction when an alleged accomplice testifies for the defendant.
An anonymous letter sent to the Southern Daily Echo newspaper, in Southampton, claimed that an accomplice helped Kohli to escape England two days after the body of the teenager was found.
The police have not investigated whether there was an accomplice or getaway car.
Firm denials by the two accomplices left Domenica's confession as the only evidence against them.
Accomplice statements, such as Mark's, that shift or spread the blame to a criminal defendant are presumptively unreliable and fall outside any "firmly rooted exception" to the hearsay rule.
The Peoni rule has thus become disconnected, body from spirit, as courts have relied on the same statement of the rule to articulate two divergent standards for determining when a defendant is an accomplice to a principal's use or carrying of a firearm during a violent or drug-trafficking crime.
His unknown accomplice was also injured in the exchange of fire but he managed to escape from the spot.
SP AVLS Civil Lines Zulfiqar Ali Bhutta led the special police team which conducted a raid and arrested Rashid and his accomplice Riaz of Rashoo and recovered six motorcycles and master keys from them.
LAHORE -- An alleged robber succumbed to his injuries in hospital after getting injured in firing by his accomplices during a robbery bid in the Shafiqabad area on Sunday.
Moments later, the accomplice walked in and snatched a diamond necklace and five diamond rings.