accommodative convergence: accommodation ratio

ac·com·mo·da·tive con·ver·gence: ac·com·mo·da·tion ra·ti·o

(AC:A) (ă-kom'ŏ-dā'tiv kŏn-vĕr'jĕns ă-kom'ŏ-dā'shŭn rā'shē-ō)
The amount of convergence (measured in prism diopters of convergence) divided by the amount of accommodation (measured in diopters) required to direct both eyes on an object.
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(19) As always when prescribing prism, care must be taken to balance the refractive and prismatic prescriptions with respect to the accommodative convergence: accommodation ratio. (18) Accommodative convergence has been shown to have no effect on nystagmus, hence spherical manipulation of spectacle prescriptions does not improve nystagmus.