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Remaining would be accommodated tomorrow," he said.
The number of children accommodated at care homes decreased by 10% year-on-year in 2012, registering a 29.5% fall since 2005.
Physical limitations preventing direct selection on the keyboard are accommodated with alternative indirect approaches.
For example, since the plant can now build both a tall box and vehicles on the Accord platform, an Accord-- based SUV could be inexpensively accommodated.
This paper reports on a survey of the perceptions of 86 state-level educational assessment personnel or other professionals involved in educational assessment regarding different ways in which test scores are influenced by accommodations for participants with disabilities and how scores obtained under accommodated conditions should be treated in reporting.
Elements of the Dunn and Dunn Learning-Style Model (1992, 1993) accommodated in this investigation included the Sound, Light, Temperature, and seating Design, Mobility, Intake, and Perception (see Figure 1).
Additionally, various flask sizes are easily accommodated without additional machine modifications.
The specimen footprint, approximately 400 [micro]m by 700 [micro]m, can be accommodated within a test chip.
[7] The disabled have a fundamental statutory right to have their disabilities accommodated unless it would create an undue hardship on the employers or they pose a direct threat.
Basically, we were converting a house that had accommodated five or six people for 70 years to a structure that now has access for 70 people.