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v. acclima·tized, acclima·tizing, acclima·tizes
1. To acclimate.
2. To adapt (oneself), especially to environmental or climatic changes.
To become acclimated or adapted.

ac·cli′ma·tiz′er n.


(a-kli?mat-i-za'shon) Acclimation.

acclimatization to heat

The adjustment of an organism to heat in the environment. Exposure to high environmental temperature requires a period of adjustment in order for the body to function efficiently. The amount of time required depends on the temperature, humidity, and duration of daily exposure. Significant physiological adjustments occur in 5 days and are completed within 2 weeks to a month.
acclimatize (a-kli'ma-tiz?)
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"To cover yourself, specify in the subcontractor's agreement that acclimatizing the wood to the site is the sub's responsibility.
Before reaching this point, climbers have already spent about a month at lower altitudes acclimatizing, or getting used to lower air pressure.
Wellington, May 19 (ANI): Former New Zealand cricketer Adam Parore hopes to reach the summit of Mt Everest this weekend after spending months training and acclimatizing for the harsh conditions.