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v. acclima·tized, acclima·tizing, acclima·tizes
1. To acclimate.
2. To adapt (oneself), especially to environmental or climatic changes.
To become acclimated or adapted.

ac·cli′ma·tiz′er n.


(a-kli?mat-i-za'shon) Acclimation.

acclimatization to heat

The adjustment of an organism to heat in the environment. Exposure to high environmental temperature requires a period of adjustment in order for the body to function efficiently. The amount of time required depends on the temperature, humidity, and duration of daily exposure. Significant physiological adjustments occur in 5 days and are completed within 2 weeks to a month.
acclimatize (a-kli'ma-tiz?)
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There's no chance of acclimatising at the height of a Scottish summer, never mind winter.
Athletes acclimatising for the Beijing Olympics might consider going to Galway for if they can drink the water there, they can drink it anywhere.
The ordeal was aimed at acclimatising him to the harsh conditions he will encounter when he takes part in the Ice-Warrior expeditions to the North Pole in March.
In the circumstances, given the poor quality of players inherited by Rafa from Houllier, the loss of Owen and the acclimatising any foreign coach has to make in a new surroundings, Rafa has done incredibly well to have us challenging for fourth spot at this stage of the season and to get us to the quarter-finals of the Champions League Al March (via e-mail
He said officers should have noticed Jason was not acclimatising to 60C heat.
And Woods will have none of the English pair's trouble acclimatising after playing an exhibition and giving PAUL Casey has been named the winner of the Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year award on the European tour.
THE nights are drawing in, so you'd better start acclimatising yourself and your car to some very different driving conditions.