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v. acclima·tized, acclima·tizing, acclima·tizes
1. To acclimate.
2. To adapt (oneself), especially to environmental or climatic changes.
To become acclimated or adapted.

ac·cli′ma·tiz′er n.


(a-kli?mat-i-za'shon) Acclimation.

acclimatization to heat

The adjustment of an organism to heat in the environment. Exposure to high environmental temperature requires a period of adjustment in order for the body to function efficiently. The amount of time required depends on the temperature, humidity, and duration of daily exposure. Significant physiological adjustments occur in 5 days and are completed within 2 weeks to a month.
acclimatize (a-kli'ma-tiz?)
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It has already been interpreted in New Zealand as a damaging blow to the tourists with the five-match one-day series due to start in Christchurch on Wednesday, but Doull believes their under-par display was because they are yet to become acclimatised after several months in India.
Defence chiefs believe the Nepalese fighters will be able to gain the trust of Afghans because of their ethnic origin and exceptional language skills, as well as being acclimatised to high altitudes if they need to fight in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.
And she's clearly wasted no time in getting acclimatised to her new home, or at least the best retail elements it has to offer.
Kuznetsova believes the players need more time to get acclimatised to the surface.
If you have symptoms assume it is AMS and go no higher until acclimatised.
IN many areas it should now be safe to plant out more tender plants, but do make sure they are properly acclimatised first.
Your headline in Monday's paper, relating to the likely rejection of the planned new tower blocks, filled me with dismay, although by now I should be acclimatised to such statements.
BEDDING plants that have been in the greenhouse (or warm area of the garden centre) need to be hardened off or acclimatised before being placed outside full-time.
Edwards quickly acclimatised to the British chill, after a week in Spain playing for Wales in the PGA of Europe Team Championship, with three birdies in a near faultless round.
But Doull believes England's under-par display was because they are yet to get acclimatised after several months in India.
Guest speaker at this year's travel industry conference, Howells turned up in Spain on Thursday - to get acclimatised before his Saturday speech.
I didn't arrive here until Sunday and it wasn't the ideal preparation,but it was just a question of getting acclimatised and getting used to these courts.