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v. acclima·tized, acclima·tizing, acclima·tizes
1. To acclimate.
2. To adapt (oneself), especially to environmental or climatic changes.
To become acclimated or adapted.

ac·cli′ma·tiz′er n.


(a-kli?mat-i-za'shon) Acclimation.

acclimatization to heat

The adjustment of an organism to heat in the environment. Exposure to high environmental temperature requires a period of adjustment in order for the body to function efficiently. The amount of time required depends on the temperature, humidity, and duration of daily exposure. Significant physiological adjustments occur in 5 days and are completed within 2 weeks to a month.
acclimatize (a-kli'ma-tiz?)
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We also made Willie walk about the house in a face mask to acclimatise to the conditions.
Co-author Dr Jenni Donelson stated that the recent studies show that fish can acclimatise to higher water temperatures when several generations are exposed to the same increased temperature, but whether corals can do the same, and how they might achieve this, is largely unknown.
Preparation is vital and coming out early can help me acclimatise.
What an incredibly arrogant response, why should we have to acclimatise to sitting in more needless traffic queues, getting to work late, etc?
Swiss world number one Roger Federer has entered this event as he seeks to acclimatise to the clay ahead of next month's French Open at Roland Garros and is in need of a morale boost following a disappointing year to date in which he hasn't reached the final of any tournament so far.
The training venues will be designed to help teams acclimatise to British conditions in the weeks before the games.
More warm-up matches are needed, not the cursory number played in Pakistan last month, which led to the players going into the Test series under-prepared Fletcher bridles at suggestions that more time is needed to acclimatise to the conditions on the subcontinent.
Work to the site, due to open a few weeks later, was disrupted for a week while a new home was built for this member of the protected species and RSPCA officers tried to acclimatise him with a variety of contraptions.
The calculation, made by climate change consultants Acclimatise using official Government figures, has allowed Big Blue Bike to estimate that its clients could save, on average, 70kg of CO2 emissions per year.
The extra couple of days will also allow the players to acclimatise to the weather, with temperatures in the Madeiran capital Funchal exceeding 90 degrees yesterday.
TROPICAL fish that have spent 10 years in a nightclub aquarium are being played dance music in their quiet new home to acclimatise.
I have good memories of his arrival and of his presentation but unfortunately the player couldn't acclimatise.