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/ac·ci·den·tal/ (ak″sĭ-den´t'l)
1. occurring by chance, unexpectedly, or unintentionally.
2. nonessential; not innate or intrinsic.


adjective Unexpected; by chance


(ak'si-dent) [L. accidere, to happen]
1. An unforeseen, unfortunate occurrence.
2. An unexpected complication of a disease or treatment.. accidental (-den'tal), adjective; accidentally

cerebrovascular accident

Abbreviation: CVA

radiation accident

Undesired excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.
References in classic literature ?
One day this young couple accidentally met in the garden, at the end of the two walks which were both bounded by that canal in which Jones had formerly risqued drowning to retrieve the little bird that Sophia had there lost.
The name of the firm is accidentally blotted in my diary, and my sacred regard for truth forbids me to hazard a guess in a matter of this kind.
Godfrey had paid the penalty of having been seen accidentally speaking to him.
Delhi: An electrician accidentally unplugged the radar system at the Indian capital's airport, forcing air traffic controllers to manually guide in aircraft, media reports said on Saturday.
FIVE people were accidentally shot at separate gun shows in America as a protest day by the gun lobby backfired.
AN investigation has been launched after a royal protection officer accidentally fired a gun while guarding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's home.
A man accidentally killed himself while cleaning a gun at his home in Ras Al Khaimah.
Summary: The House of Commons rang with laughter on Thursday after an MP accidentally sat on the Energy Secretary's lap.
Of the officers accidentally killed, 21 were employed by city police departments, 16 were employed by county agencies, 6 were employed by state agencies, and 4 were employed by federal agencies.
A Tawjihi celebration turned into a tragedy in Ramtha in northern Jordan after an 18-year-old teenager was accidentally shot dead by his friend as he was firing to celebrate their success in Tawjihi (General Secondary School Certificate).
In the first incident in Chungi Amar Sidhu, a 12-year-old, Imran, was going to the market when he accidentally touched an electric pole.
Summary: KABUL, June 26, 2010, SPA -- An Afghan army driver was killed when an anti-personnel mine in his vehicle accidentally detonated on Saturday, police said.