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adjective Unexpected; by chance
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(ak'si-dent) [L. accidere, to happen]
1. An unforeseen, unfortunate occurrence.
2. An unexpected complication of a disease or treatment.. accidental (-den'tal), adjective; accidentally

cerebrovascular accident

Abbreviation: CVA

radiation accident

Undesired excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.
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But in 2013 an officer accidentally shot one round into a civilian vehicle using a semi-automatic rifle.
A customer at the Hawksmoor was accidentally served a PS4,500 bottle of wine, left of picture, instead of the PS260 one ordered, right
Several other cases of accidental shootings have been reported in the country, raising concern about the safety of those close to holders of licensed guns.Just last May, two police officers were seriously injured when a machine gun that one of them was servicing accidentally fired 40 bullets at a police station in Bodhai, Garissa County.
Hou told police that he accidentally stepped on the accelerator pedal when he had actually intended to hit the brakes when on a steep incline.
at P-4, the ambulance accidentally hit the pedestrian who was crossing the road.
New Delhi: A young man from Uttar Pradesh was accidentally shot dead by his teenaged cousin whose photographs he was clicking in south Delhi, police said on Friday.
The family - a grandmother, grandfather, and three children - accidentally crossed the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem, and found themselves in an area controlled by the Palestinian Authority.
The Dubai Misdemeanours Court convicted the 23-year-old Russian athlete of accidentally wrecking a police vehicle after she had pleaded guilty.
Rawalpindi -- A security guard was killed and another person was injured after bullet was fired accidentally from his rifle within the GunjMandi Police jurisdiction.
These sources claim that Remington did this to prevent their new cartridge from accidentally being chambered in a .270 Win., which is based on the .30-06.
Summary: Two grenades accidentally detonated Wednesday evening in the southern Beirut suburb of Burj al-Barajneh, causing a loud explosion, a security source told The Daily Star.