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/ac·ci·den·tal/ (ak″sĭ-den´t'l)
1. occurring by chance, unexpectedly, or unintentionally.
2. nonessential; not innate or intrinsic.


adjective Unexpected; by chance


(ak'si-dent) [L. accidere, to happen]
1. An unforeseen, unfortunate occurrence.
2. An unexpected complication of a disease or treatment.. accidental (-den'tal), adjective; accidentally

cerebrovascular accident

Abbreviation: CVA

radiation accident

Undesired excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.
References in classic literature ?
We both said it was a matter to be proud of; but this clumsy defence that Evgenie mentions, this strange argument CAN, of course, only be an accidental case --one in a thousand
Jacobs, "there's altogether too many accidental drownings anyway.
All he knew was that the two men got very drunk and argued eloquently and at length as to whether the exploded nigger should be reported as a case of dysentery or as an accidental drowning.
In "The Accidental Indexer", author Nan Badgett draws upon her many years of experience and expertise in providing indexing services to publishers, authors, and corporate clients to create a definitive and comprehensive 240 page instructional guide to the indexing profession.
Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today revealed data from its Accidental DBA survey and industry predictions for 2015.
CLEVELAND Fire Brigade is urging residents to follow their electrical safety tips after figures showed there were 145 accidental house fires in a year.
Back then, insurers had been using exclusions that barred coverage for pollution, except where the release was "sudden and accidental.
The new study from sociologists at Rice University and the University of Pennsylvania found that single people and those with low educational attainment are at greater risk for accidental death.
But neither accepted responsibility for inflicting injuries upon him and said some injuries were accidental.
ISLAMABAD -- National Data Base Regulatory Authority (NADRA), in collaboration with State Life, is launching Accidental Death Insurance that offers monetary cover to every new Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) holder for first two years.
The influx of accidental landlords played a pivotal role in helping to address the shortage of accommodation at the height of the recession as more people than ever before opted to rent.
INCREASING numbers of accidental landlords are remaining in the buy-to-let market rather than trying their hand again at selling their properties, says Landlord Assist, the tenant eviction and rent collection firm.