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adjective Unexpected; by chance
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(ak'si-dent) [L. accidere, to happen]
1. An unforeseen, unfortunate occurrence.
2. An unexpected complication of a disease or treatment.. accidental (-den'tal), adjective; accidentally

cerebrovascular accident

Abbreviation: CVA

radiation accident

Undesired excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.
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The report suggests that the market for international accidental death and dismemberment insurance is going to grow significantly by the year 2025, in comparison to what it was in the year 2018.
Moreover the minister said that accidental chairman's father connived with Maulana, the biggest antagonist of FATA merger, to safeguard his ill-gotten wealth and nurture his vested political interests.
The Accidentals opens in Opelika, Louisiana, in 1957, a small busybody town not far from New Orleans, where acceptable women join the Daughters of the American Revolution, Junior League, and Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary.
Fire crews have been called out to a much higher number of accidental fires than usual this year in wards including Radford, Cheylesmore, Holbrook/Longford and Binley and Willenhall.
Lin, M.D., from the University of California Irvine, and colleagues examined the correlations between hearing difficulties and risk of accidental injuries in U.S.
Accidental gunshot took the life of a private security guard within the limits of Sukhan police station.
Bosses at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said they were looking into why there was a 12 per cent increase in accidental fires in the home in 2016/17 compared to the previous year.
Accidental Insurance and Social Benefit" covering all residents of Sindh between the age of 18 and 65 years.
Less than two months after a Texas law allowing guns into public university buildings went into effect, an accidental discharge has been reported in a Tarleton State University dormitory.
However, Red Hand boss Harte insisted than no malice was involved in the incident, claiming it was totally accidental.
-Group life insurance policy covering the period during which the deceased died, did not provide for accidental death benefit Impugned order was therefore, not sustainable in the eye of the law and was set aside.