accident prevention

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Accident Prevention

A generic term for the promotion of safety and prevention of accidents in all areas of life at work, in the home, and on the roads, in schools, at leisure and on (or near) water.

accident prevention,

n a set of precautionary measures taken to avoid possible bodily harm. Devices that can be especially important in preventing damage to the orofacial area are seat belts and bicycle helmets; the use of these should be encouraged in all patients.
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Employers must conduct a PPE assessment to identify hazards, determine if PPE is necessary, and provide training to ensure correct use and maintenance, which should be addressed in an effective Accident Prevention Program.
The renewal of the Vision Zero Auto Accident Prevention Scholarship gives the Law Office of John Sheehan the opportunity to stay involved with the efforts that will take serious auto accidents from being 'inevitable' to being preventable.
Lot 2 and Lot 4 The contractor is responsible to assist the Contracting Authority on labor protection and accident prevention in all aspects of health.
Katrina Phillips, chief executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust, said: "You may have lots of dangerous products lurking in your garage or garden shed that you get their hands on.
Calderdale Council's Road Safety team are working in partnership with the Child Accident Prevention Trust to promote child safety week from June 21 - 27.
A three-in-one safety solution for accident prevention and mitigation, the Mobileye C2-170 provides drivers with warnings against collision with a vehicle ahead (both on highways and urban roads), unintended lane-departure and insufficient distance-keeping.
The Child Accident Prevention Trust report said the tongs can reach 220C and stay hot for eight minutes after they have been switched off.
Dangerous Sea Life" is an essential, strongly recommended reference, not just because of its identifications and descriptions, but also because is services as a thoroughly 'user friendly' guide to accident prevention and first aid when coming into contact with them.
The plant's accident prevention program has been recognized by the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, which awarded UFCO with the "Award in Safety Excellence" (2005), and the State of Alabama, Department of Industrial Relations, which honored it with the Workplace Safety "Award of Excellence" (2005) and "Award of Superior Achievement" (2006).
NRA feels gun accident prevention programs such as Eddie Eagle are a significant factor in that decline.
Todd Curtis conducted research in several areas of aviation risk assessment and accident prevention.
FSF said that editorial for the new magazine will include articles on: accident trends analysis, accident prevention strategies, flight operations issues, human factors and aero-medical concerns, cabin safety, airport operations safety, maintenance procedures and safety, helicopter operations and corporate aviation issues.

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