accessory tooth

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ac·ces·so·ry tooth

(ak-sesŏr-ē tūth)
Any malformed supernumerary tooth.
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45), most proximal tooth slightly smaller than the others and apically rounded, dental row reaching up to level sensilla pc, 5-10 proximal microtubercles; tip of fixed finger with a modified accessory tooth (td)on antiaxial face; tip of fixed chelal finger of male with a weak hollow on paraxial face, without subdistal protuberance (sp); one pair of long antiaxial sensory setae (as) at the base, one level and the other distad of lyrifissure fb, 0.025-0.050 mm long, distance between them 0.026-0.040 mm, fixed finger depth at the base 0.043-0.060 mm; 4-5 teeth at level of est/it occupying 0.1 mm, distance between apices 0.020-0.028 mm.
External jaw blade with two accessory teeth, the internal with one accessory tooth and 12 denticles.
Fixed finger with 39 marginal teeth, plus 7 external accessory teeth and 3 internal accessory teeth; movable finger with 43 marginal teeth, plus 9 external accessory teeth and I internal accessory tooth. Pedipalpal setae stout, clavate-dentate and curved, except on fingers where they are stout and acuminate on the entire movable finger and all but base of the fixed finger.