accessory movements

accessory movements, movements within a joint and the surrounding tissue that are necessary for the full range of motion but that can be performed actively.
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What is the inter-rater reliability for measurements of passive physiological or accessory movements in upper extremity joints?
Inclusion criteria Design * Repeated measures between raters Participants * Symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals Measurement procedure * Performed passive (ie, manual) physiological or accessory movements in any of the joints of the shoulder, elbow, or wrist-hand-fingers * Reported range of motion or end-feel * Used methods feasible in clinical practice (considering instruments, costs, amount of training required) Outcomes * Estimates of inter-rater reliability
Finally, measuring accessory movements of carpal bones against the capitate bone using a 3-point scale yielded fair to moderate reliability (weighted Kappa from 0.
In addition, findings from four studies (Chesworth et al 1998, Hayes and Petersen 2001, Patla and Paris 1993, Van Duijn and Jensen 2001) indicated that measuring end-feel or accessory movements of joints with large ranges of motion was associated with lower reliability.