accessory cusp

ac·ces·so·ry cusp

(ak-sesŏr-ē kŭsp)
Tubercle or extra tooth cusp.
Compare: Carabelli cusp, talon cusp
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The talon is actually an expanded posterior accessory cusp with cingulum.
1) Review of literature showed that talon cusp has been referred by several terms like exaggerated cingula, additional cusp, cusp hyperplasia and accessory cusp.
This accessory cusp can occur as an isolated entity or in association with other dental anomalies.
The p3 has a small posterior accessory cusp and a very small cingulum anterolingually, while p4 has well developed anterior and posterior accessory cusps, the posterior one being larger and ending in a widened posterior cingulum.
Talon cusp is a dental anomaly that occurs as an accessory cusp like structure from the cingulum of maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth.
The lower canines (c1) have a subtle but conspicuous anterior accessory cusp formed by a mesial projection of the anterior edge of the tooth (Fig.
Caucasians commonly have cusp of Carabelli which is an accessory cusp found on the mesio-lingual cusp of maxillary first molar.
Molars lophodont formed of two transverse crests, with tendency to reduce the median accessory cusp.
emiliae has a posterior accessory cusp that is absent in other species of Gracilinanus, and the molars of G.