accessory cusp

ac·ces·so·ry cusp

(ak-sesŏr-ē kŭsp)
Tubercle or extra tooth cusp.
Compare: Carabelli cusp, talon cusp
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The posterior accessory cusp is large with a large posterior cingular cusp.
arInbrusteri are simpler, with the p2 not having accessory cuspids and the p3 varying from having no additional cusps, to having a small simple posterior accessory cusp (Gidley, 1913; Gidley and Gazin, 1938).
There are two accessory cusps, one is on the anterior margin of the tooth and the second cusp on the internal margin.
Teeth assigned to this form taxon generally have one large median cusp and several small accessory cusps on a wide flat base (Zangerl, 1981).
helleri, but it can be differentiated by its slightly larger dimensions and the presence of two accessory cusps on the anterior side of the lower second premolar.