accessory breast

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ac·ces·so·ry breast

a milk-secreting gland located elsewhere than at the normal place on the front of the chest and existing in addition to the two usual mammae.
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An ultrasound reported "A mass-like lesion with mixed echogenicity", findings compatible with either a lipoma or an accessory breast. In view of the diagnostic uncertainty, discomfort and cosmetic concerns from the patient, an excisional biopsy was performed.
Only one case (0.8%) of each galactocele, duct ectasia and accessory breast was noted.
from their study on a population of American women found that supernumerary nipple and accessory breast tissue were more common in the Native American women than in the non-native women.
Accessory breast tissue out-with this embryological milk line is, however, less common [2, 3].
Dr Bijlani said among the most common deformities is accessory breast tissue or Polymastia.
(7) It can also arise in the axillary tail of breast and, very rarely, tumorous PASH may involve nipple-areola complex and accessory breast tissue in axilla.
(8) Incidence of accessory breast is 0.4-6% in females.
INTRODUCTION: Congenital anomalies of breast may present as Amastia (Absence of breast tissue) Athelia (Absence of the nipple), neonatal breast hypertrophy, polymastia (Accessory breast tissue) Polythelia (Supernumerary nipples), symmastia (Webbing between the breasts across the midline) Diffuse hypertrophy of the breast, and Tuberous breast (Breast is elongated from a narrow base to take a sausage-shaped contour, with a disproportionately large and protuberant areola and nipple).
DISCUSSION: Accessory breast occur in 0.4-6% of women (1).
In the present study Fibroadenoma was present in (39.58%), Fibrocystic changes of breast in (37.5%), Abscess in (6.25%), Inherited defect as Accessory Nipple in (2.09%), Asymmetry of Breast in (8.33%) and Accessory Breast tissue in (2.09%).
On 3rd postoperative day she started complaining of pain & milk secretion from the accessory breast. On examination ,a large pendulous swelling was palpable in right axilla, the size being 7cm x 4cm in size, mobile, with skin free from the underlying tissue.