accessory auricles

ac·ces·so·ry au·ri·cles

small, fleshy nodules or folds, sometimes with supporting cartilage, occasionally found along the margins of the embryonic pharyngeal grooves.
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Despite being one of the most commonly occurring congenital malformations, there are very few reports in the literature on the management of accessory auricles. Traditionally, these lesions were treated by suture ligation at the base of the accessory auricle to induce ischaemic necrosis [3].
In St George's Hospital, we manage the majority of accessory auricles by application of titanium clip using, the Covidien Premium Surgiclip II in an outpatient setting with no anaesthesia [7].
We undertook a retrospective study to review outcomes and complications of titanium clip ligation of accessory auricles in infants from parents' perspective.
Management of Accessory Auricles with Titanium Clips Telephone Survey Questionnaire Proforma
Seventeen (71%) patients had accessory auricles on the left side and 7 (29%) on the right side.
Burton, "Accessory auricles: unusual sites and the preferred treatment option," Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, vol.
The accessory auricle is a developmental anomaly resulting from the persistence of a supernumerary auricular hillock, [1].
(1) there must be no palpable cartilage in the core of the accessory auricle;
The accessory auricle is tented slightly and the titanium clip is applied flushed to the skin to avoid a residual nubbin developing in future (Figure 3).
Site of accessory auricle: Left/Right/Bilateral Number of days tag fell off after clipped:
There were no reports of infant distress or discomfort at home while waiting for the clipped accessory auricle to fall off.
On examination bilateral bat ears, accessory auricles (Fig 2, 3), hypertelorism (Fig 1), hyperactive attention deficit.