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noun An ordered test or group of tests on a particular specimen which has been formally received by a lab or other health care service and has received an accession number.
verb To input the demographics for a particular patient’s analysis into an information system; to log or document receiving a specimen in the lab.


Lab medicine noun An ordered test or group of tests on a particular; a specimen that has been formally received by a laboratory or other health care service and received an accession number verb To input the demographics for a particular Pt's analysis into an information system; to log or document receiving a specimen in the lab

Patient discussion about accession

Q. ex-wife works in hospital and accesses my and my familys medical records what can i/we do about this legally this is done without any consent she has computer acess to any records and accesses them upon her own

A. If you are sure of this she is breaking the law...Hippa protects patient right and this is a clear voliation of those right. I suggest you get a copy of the hospitals Right to Privacy , HIPPA paperwork. Then If you can prove this write a letter to hospital admenistration and one to her supervisor and/or director. Let them know you know this is a violation of patient rights and you want it dealt with immediatly or you will seek out legal council. They should responded to your letter in avery timely matter. If you do not have proof discuss with someone in medical record about the "need to know" bases and if ther eis no reason for her to know this information( she could be one tha thas to put it on your records) you would like to be assured she has no access to them and if she is doing a job that would give her the right ask that they please have someone else in the department handle you and your family dure to personal reasons. I encourage you to handle this in a very proffesi

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The concept of 'core collections' represents the genetic diversity with a minimum duplication of accessions was introduced to effect a good and robust management of genetic resources for conservation and breeding purposes [8, 9].
Marine Corps - 25,872 accessions, with a goal of 25,833; 100 percent
3) The accessions in the past decade of Vietnam, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia, plus China in 2001, have rounded out WTO participation by the most economically significant economies in the world.
Inactivation of the Army Accessions Command is expected to take 12 to 18 months.
Croats are afraid that upon their accession to the EU they will lose their identity," said Manchin, outlining the main findings of the report at a press conference.
The author, Ann Schievers, tries to present a comparative analysis of the Turkish and Polish accession cases.
Resistance from NSGC accessions has been recently incorporated into improved barley germplasm (Bregitzer et al.
Neither the comprehensive income tax nor the accessions tax have been recently proposed as a viable alternative to our current transfer tax system.
Our goal was to provide them with an efficient way to register accessions, knowing that in some small institutions this part of the process is often done by paraprofessionals.
The first stage involves examining all accessions in the core collection for a desired characteristic.