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v. ac·cepted, ac·cepting, ac·cepts
Medicine To receive (a transplanted organ or tissue) without immunological rejection.

ac·cept′er n.


(1) Accupril Canadian Clinical Evaluation & Patient Teaching. A postmarketing surveillance of quinapril therapy in 3,742 hypertensive Canadians.
Conclusion The reduction in diastolic BP and systolic BP in patients receiving quinapril was larger than in those stopping the regimen.
(2) American College of Cardiology Electrocardiogram Proficiency Test
(3) American College of Cardiology Evaluation of Preventive Therapeutics study. A clinical program designed to establish the extent to which American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association guidelines for comprehensive risk reduction in patients with coronary heart disease are implemented in the US.
Conclusion Most patients still smoked, were hypertensive or had increased LDL cholesterol 6 months after discharge. Aspirin use improved. Many patients had not been given beta-blockers or lipid-lowering agents, and many women had not been given oestrogen.
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In San Francisco, where it became illegal to dump batteries in the trash as of February, all Walgreens stores accept old batteries.
Jackson, who estimates that the government alone spends $20 billion annually using purchasing cards, says federal agencies not only seek out firms that accept them, but also pay those companies much faster than it would through other means.
Does this make it okay to accept one while on duty?
The fact that the biblical account does not hide the human weaknesses of such a prominent ancestor of Jesus allows me also to accept myself.
Should physicians have a process akin to credentialing and privileging that they use to accept some people as patients and deny others?
As far as the ``athlete accepts plea deal,'' it shouldn't be up to (him) to accept anything
The Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) accepts foreign companies that have financial statements prepared in accordance with Australian accounting standards.
When the IRS accepts an offer, the taxpayer receives the benefit of resolving tax liabilities for a compromised amount.
Since the lawsuit, KayBee now accepts checks in all of its stores in the Washington-Baltimore area.
A semiautomatic, center-fire rifle with a fixed magazine that accepts more than 10 rounds.
When someone accepts an offer and gives notice, the boss may decide during the notice period that the employee should be given a counteroffer.
Cash offer: the offered amount to be paid within 90 days after the IRS accepts the offer.