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v. ac·cepted, ac·cepting, ac·cepts
Medicine To receive (a transplanted organ or tissue) without immunological rejection.

ac·cept′er n.


(1) Accupril Canadian Clinical Evaluation & Patient Teaching. A postmarketing surveillance of quinapril therapy in 3,742 hypertensive Canadians.
Conclusion The reduction in diastolic BP and systolic BP in patients receiving quinapril was larger than in those stopping the regimen.
(2) American College of Cardiology Electrocardiogram Proficiency Test
(3) American College of Cardiology Evaluation of Preventive Therapeutics study. A clinical program designed to establish the extent to which American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association guidelines for comprehensive risk reduction in patients with coronary heart disease are implemented in the US.
Conclusion Most patients still smoked, were hypertensive or had increased LDL cholesterol 6 months after discharge. Aspirin use improved. Many patients had not been given beta-blockers or lipid-lowering agents, and many women had not been given oestrogen.
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Accepting gratuities can lead to unwanted perceptions by the public and bring the agency's discretion into question.
I got to the point where I almost stopped accepting their invitations," he reveals, "but I figured that would defeat the purpose.
businesses should begin to change their perceptions and recognize the rest of the world is considering accepting lASs for cross-border securities offerings.
In other words, by accepting the offer now, the Service will get money that is worth more today than in the future; e.
If Doe is in poor health, the revenue officer may recommend accepting $5,000 or even a lower amount, if offered.