acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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Emerson Network Power has been providing acceptance testing services for data center and industrial customers for more than 40 years.
On April 2, 1993, nine days ahead of the CSL schedule, HISI delivered to the CSL a working system with supporting documentation for the commencement of acceptance testing.
The objective of the advertised service is to carry out during the construction material and acceptance testing (earthwork, asphalt, sealing, concrete, etc.
3 Subcommittee on Silicon Device Reliability Qualification and Monitoring and the iNEMI Tin Whisker User Group, provides a uniform environmental acceptance testing and reporting methodology for tin whisker susceptibility of tin and tin alloy surface finishes used in the electronics industry.
This relates to an Oracle Applications implementation project, in which Tescom supplied acceptance testing services for the core application, as well as for the modifications made during the ERP project.
This implanter recently completed the factory acceptance process at Ibis, as announced on April 3, 2006, and now is scheduled to be installed in the customer's facility in Japan and undergo final on-site acceptance testing.
0 million from the sale of this implanter after the system has been shipped and installed in SUMCO's facility and final customer acceptance testing has been completed.
iBeta's services include: testing on PC, Mac and all game console platforms, application testing, functionality and compatibility testing, load and performance testing, usability and localization testing, beta test management, test plan engineering and independent acceptance testing.
Beacon Power Corporation (NASDAQ: BCON), a company that designs and develops advanced products and services to support more stable and reliable electricity grid operation, announced that it has successfully completed the pre-shipment acceptance testing for a scale-power Smart Energy Matrix demonstration unit, built under contract to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the U.
At Skikda, the final site, the customer acceptance testing is in progress.
The AMP application provides enterprise-wide yield monitoring and reporting for executives and engineers through automated, interactive reports that offer both broad, high-level overviews, as well as detailed results of wafer acceptance testing, wafer sort and final test operations.