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1. According to Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the fifth and final stage of dying. Individuals who reach this stage (not all do) come to terms with impending death and await the end with quiet expectation.
2. In organ transplantation, the harmonious integration of grafted tissue into the body of the transplant recipient.
3. Approval or acquiescence (e.g., of a recommended treatment or a functional impairment produced by an illness).
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Patient discussion about acceptance

Q. Mother in law not accepting the diagnosis. Our 3 years old son was diagnosed with autism some time ago, and although it’s not easy, our family and friends support and help us a lot, except my mother in-law (that lives close to us). She refuse to accept the fact that our son has autism, and keeps telling we are just hysteric and with little education our child will grow up just fine. What can we do? Were we wrong when we decided to tell everyone?

A. I believe that it is a matter of time until your mother in-law realizes the full extent of your son's condition. Perhaps now she cannot accept it, and would rather think of him as a normal healthy child, and with time she will grow to understand his needs and capabilities. The most important thing for you to do is keep her involved in his life, so that she will give him all the love he can get from his grandmother, regardless of his autism. It seems to me you are a strong family with great people around you, that will help you with anything you need, so work on what is best for your son, and that is loving him. Don't spend too much time worrying about what others know or believe.

Q. i am allergic to milk products , what are the accepted treatments for this kind of allergy?

A. i too am allergic to milk,and i love milk,so i just cut down my intake of milk,try that,don"t drink as much.

Q. are there are acceptable drugs by the health industry for depression which are not addictive but yet effective

A. As toward other drugs, patients may develop addiction to the mood-improving actions of the medications, so potentially every medication that works has the potential to induce addiction (even medications to other non-psychiatric condition that cause good feeling may do that).

However, the current medications used to treat depression are not considered dangerous in this matter.

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