accelerated rejection

ac·cel·er·at·ed re·jec·tion

a transplant rejection manifested in less than 3 days.
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Dumitriu et al., "Mice lacking C1q or C3 show accelerated rejection of minor H disparate skin grafts and resistance to induction of tolerance," European Journal of Immunology, vol.
There is accumulating evidence that there exist antigenic systems not detectable in standard lymphocytotoxic techniques that may provoke hyperacute or accelerated rejection: the endothelial-monocyte alloantigen system [2], the anti-vascular IgG endothelial cell antibodies [3], and the IgM antibodies that are reactive against endothelial cells [4].
The rest "are alive and well," with no cases of accelerated rejection, infection, humoral sensitization, or graft-versus-host disease noted in the study group.
More than Loisy, however, Johannes Weiss and especially Albert Schweitzer accelerated rejection of Harnack's liberalism through Sanday's careful, temperate assessment of both for English theology in his The Life of Christ in Recent Research (1907).
Tsai, "Accelerated rejection, thrombosis, and graft failure with angiotensin II type 1 receptor antibodies," Pediatric Nephrology, vol.

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