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The findings of the Accelerate report, along with broader shifts in the role of IT as a key driver of value generation inside an organization, signal the need for a major shift in the role of data professionals.
Max Steinberg, chief executive of Liverpool Vision, which developed the Accelerate initiative, is also the chair of IFB 2014.
Previous election to accelerate credits: A taxpayer that previously elected to accelerate credits in lieu of bonus depreciation may choose whether to accelerate credits for a subsequent Sec.
According to Accelerate's figures, it worked with 800 companies last year, and referred nearly 200 for more intensive support.
Accelerate Arkansas is a statewide group of volunteers working with the Arkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation, a nonprofit organization under the Arkansas Capital Corp.
To not accelerate a gifted student in primary school leads to problems in secondary school.
In the 1980s, the usual estimate held that inflation would begin to accelerate if unemployment fell below 6 percent (which it rarely did).
In this way, one external storage cache can be used to accelerate one LUN, multiple LUNs, one RAID, or multiple RAIDs.
An automotive supply- chain management support initiative has helped companies accelerate into the fast lane of job creation Accelerate Wales, an industry-led initiative geared to raise the performance of the Welsh automotive sector, is helping Wales buck the downward trend acrossWith Accelerate support, Harman & Becker - based in Bridgend - has developed a new range of components for high-performance speakers.
However, the gel did not appear to accelerate re-epithelialization.
The United States would like to see Kazakhstan accelerate and complete its integration into the global economy.
Foster's device generates thrust by producing plasma--a soup of ions and electrons--in millimeter-wide cavities and using an electric field to accelerate the ions out a nozzle.