n 1. lacking a causal principle.
2. not following the principles of final causation or linear direction.
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6) For present purposes, the Platonism meant is the "extreme" or "full-blooded" Platonism normally discussed in the philosophy of mathematics, (7) according to which Platonic forms are strictly denizens of an acausal and abstract world outside of space and time.
This will be resolved for both KG and Dirac equations in the classical and quantum cases and clear up any apparently acausal effects without reference to commutation relations and formal measurement.
Jung defines as an acausal connecting principle (1952/1972).
His "inflated" model involves a contracausal, acausal, or transcendent ability that exempts agency from the physical domain and that he considers inconsistent with determinism.
This new project follows the completion of another successful Maplesoft project for Toyota, which saw high-end research and implementation of new methods for model simplification and preprocessing of high level acausal dynamical models.
Chapter Three distinguishes between causal scientific representations (representations that, roughly, use mathematics to model the causal structure of a system) and acausal representations (representations that, again roughly, abstract away from the causal detail of a system via their mathematical content) and argues that mathematics plays a distinctive epistemic role in each.
That does not mean we can control the situation, as there is no control in an acausal view of power, but we can do what we choose to do in the ongoing mutual process with ourselves, with other people, with our immediate world and with all of the universe (p.
For Jung, there is an acausal principle which connects uncanny coincidences in time or conjunctions of serendipitous events which are apparently meaningful and cannot simply be explained by a Cartesian model of cause and effect (Lundstrom, 1996).
This paper presents how model of such complex real systems can be effectively developed using acausal bond graphs.
Here is a footnote from page 11 of the Bollingen paperback edition of his book Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle:
John Dufresne has created a hybrid literary genre with interlocking and overlapping narrative layers, co-existing and atemporal chronologies, alternating protagonists, conflicting destinies and nonsequential, acausal plots.
Modelica also has the advantage of acausal modeling over Simulink.